Welcome to a new blog dedicated to Nicholai A. Bernstein.

Due to a couple of interesting events; Chapters stores clearing their back rooms, and the work of two men who diligently brought the 50 year-unpublished work of a Russian who sought to bring insight into dexterity to the scientific community, I found myself with the good fortune of having in my hands one of the most influential books I've ever held.

In the posts that follow, I hope to be able to aid in propagating an understanding of what it is to be a skilled craft or trades worker.

Dave Armishaw

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Here we are on the 7th of April, 15,2015. I am here to comment on my absence from my blogs and to comment on the broad extension of Bernsteins' influence in recent years.

I have now been an electricIan for over 40 yearsme still very busy as a electrical contractor. 8 years ago,  at about the time I was busy with publishing and posting to there blogs I left employment in building maintenance for contracting, simply too tired at the end of the day to blog,

Greatly appreciate those who have dropped by to view the posts and I sincerely hope we can get a discussion going on this very important neuro physiologist.

Nicolai Bernstein's writings and research were left in Obscurity until this book was published an event for which we should be truly grateful.

At that same point, 8 years ago I abruptly  stopped eeading, but have gotten back extensively a month ago and discovered that the world of motor physiology and related neurology are fully aware of the relevance and significance of Bernstein's work. For those who are not familiar I will update shirt

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